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Please pay close attention to each button that must be clicked in order to submit your renewal.

If you do not see the screen shown below when you complete your transaction, the renewal process will be incomplete and your license/certificate will not be renewed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office, toll free, at 888-590-6726. 

iiIf you do not see this screen when you complete your transaction, it means you did not complete the renewal process.ii


On Line Renewal
Payment Authorized

<%=trim(rsL("Fname") & "")%> <% if len(trim(rsL("MName")))>0 then Response.Write " " & trim(rsL("MName")) end if Response.Write " " & trim(rsL("LName")) if len(rsl("fee") & "")= 0 then ifee=0 else iFee=rsl("fee") end if iFee = iFee + iLateFee %> - your payment of (amount) has been authorized.

You may want to print this page to confirm that you
renewed your license number (license no.) on (date) <%=date%>.

The Board no longer produces hard card licenses/certificates.


Please click here to renew on line

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