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APRN Online Renewal

You must have a MasterCard™ , Visa™, Discover™ or American Express™ debit or credit card to renew on line.
(If you do not, you must complete the paper renewal application
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click here for a paper renewal application you can download, or call 888-590-6726 for one to be mailed to you.)

Please note: you may not renew more than two months in advance of your expiration date.
 To proceed, please have your license number and your PIN available.  Your PIN is the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.

No license card will be mailed.  You can verify your licensure status using the Board's verification system.

If you need to change your address, please click here to submit your change of address
BEFORE completing your online renewal. 

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I wish to place my APRN license on inactive status NO FEE REQUIRED. If you mark YES, do not complete the rest of this section. If you mark NO you must complete the rest of this section.

I affirm (swear) that during the previous five years, I have worked 1000 hours as an APRN.
Date last practiced.  Please enter as MM/DD/YYYY.
In what state? 

I affirm (swear) that within the renewal period, I have completed 15 contact hours of CE related to my specialty in addition to 30 CEs required to renew my RN. (Retain certificates for 4 years in case of audit.)

Have you been named a defendant in a malpractice suit in the previous two years?
(If you answer YES, you must attach a written explanation detailing the circumstances)

Have you had your privileges limited, suspended, or revoked in the previous two years?
(If you answer YES, you must attach a written explanation detailing the circumstances)

I have not practiced as an APRN for more than two years or 2,000 hours and I must work under protocols to prescribe Schedule II Controlled Substances with a collaborating physician.

My current practice site:  
My DEA Number:  
DEA Expiration Date:     Enter as MM/DD/YYYY
I am currently nationally certified by:  
Advanced Practice Role:      NP     NM     CNS
Population Focus:   Family/Individual across the life span     Adult-gerontology     Neonatal   Pediatrics     Women's Health
    Psychiatric-mental Health
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I have a collaborating physician.
If yes, please complete:
Collaborator's Name:
Collaborator's Nevada License #:
Collaborator's Specialty:
Date Collaboration Commenced:   Enter as MM/DD/YYYY
Date of Most Recent Agreement:   Enter as MM/DD/YYYY


By entering my PIN and certificate number, I affirm (swear) that I have read this application and the statements made are true and correct.

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