CNA Online Renewal

You must have a MasterCard™, Visa™, American Express™, or Discoverô debit or credit card to renew on line! 
If you do not, you must complete the paper renewal application.

To practice as a nursing assistant in Nevada, you must hold a valid Nevada CNA certificate.

Please note: You may not renew more than two months in advance of your expiration date.
To proceed, please have your license number and your PIN available.  Your PIN is the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.
You will also need the full name and license number of your directing RN/LPN.

No license card will be mailed.  You can verify your licensure status using the Board's verification system.

If you need to change your address, please click here to submit your change of address
BEFORE completing your on-line renewal.

You must answer the following questions:

Section 1. Acceptance of Your Application
Yes No  

I am subject to a court order that requires me to pay for the support of one or more children.

I am in compliance with that court order.  (Make no selection if you answered "No" to the 
question above.)

My name has changed and I have not notified the Nevada State Board of Nursing. Please submit a completed name change form. (Click here for form.)

Section 2. Employment and Training
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I affirm (swear) that I have worked 40 hours as a CNA, within the CNA scope of practice and at the direction of a licensed nurse (RN or LPN), during the past 24 months.
Enter the name, state abbreviation and license number of the directing RN/LPN
Name:  State:   License number: 
Name:  State:   License number: 
Name:  State:   License number: 
Name:  State:   License number: 
Name:  State:   License number: 
Name:  State:   License number: 
Please enter the date you last practiced nursing.   Enter as MM/DD/YYYY.

I affirm (swear) that I have 24 hours of in-service training (within the CNA scope of practice) within the previous two years. (You may be selected for audit and must keep copies of your in-service training certificates for four years.)

Section 3. Application Screening Questions
Yes No

Since your previous Nevada certificate was issued:

1. Has your certificate in Nevada or any other State been denied, revoked, suspended, reprimanded, fined, surrendered, restricted, limited or placed on probation (including a nondisciplinary program); or is any investigation, complaint or action pending?

2. Have you had a criminal conviction, including a misdemeanor or felony, or had a civil judgment rendered against you?

3. Do you currently use chemical substances in any way which impairs or limits your ability to practice  the full scope of nursing?

4. Are you currently in recovery for chemical dependency, chemical abuse or addiction?

5. Do you currently have a medical or psychiatric/mental health condition which in any way impairs or limits your ability to practice the full scope of nursing?

6. Since your previous Nevada license/certificate was issued have you had a malpractice judgment or settlement entered against you, or do you have any pending malpractice suits or claims filed against you?
If the answer is Yes, you must submit
   1. A detailed letter of explanation regarding the events leading to the suit; and
   2. A copy of the complaint and current status of the case.

To continue with online renewal, please enter the information below using the last 4 digits of your Social Security number as your PIN.
Both fields must be filled in.


By entering my PIN and certificate number, I affirm (swear) that I have read this application and the statements made are true and correct.

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